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Software Developer

We are looking for software developers to help further develop our products and write interfaces to support 3rd party products.

Many of our customer’s sell parts that have to be produced on a factory floor and all the information defining those parts are stored in a database which is also known as an ERP system. We leverage these ERP systems by allowing our customers to send production straight to the factory floor using our software called Connex. We also help them manage and keep records on all the parts being sent down through our software. You’d be an integral part of further developing and maintaining this software, as well as, getting to further develop on our motion control platforms (SII, Phoenix, PLCs w/ HMIs, 3rd Party Controls, PCs, etc..) which exist to control machines on the factory floor.

And with the evolution of big data we are getting more and more involved everyday in working with our customers to retain several different analytics from their factory floor: downtime, uptime, operator info, scrap, inventory adjustments, etc..

Our software developers work on the following to make this happen:
  • Write adapters getting date information from the ERP system in to Connex
  • Write routines applying business logic and calculate the optimum way to manufacture parts
  • Write adapters pushing material usage back to the ERP system
  • Write custom report modules displaying the analytics of the customer’s interest
  • Add new Connex features
  • Innovate the Connex Platform
  • Further develop embedded systems for our motion controllers controlling actual factory-floor machines.

Most of our products have HTML based user interfaces. The skills you will utilize:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Angular.JS
  • Node.JS
  • Perl
  • C/C++
  • PostgresSQL

With this job you will see projects evolve from start to finish and see the results in realtime. You will be challenged and constantly working on improving your skills with a dynamic learning environment. You’ll also have access to a team of people who are knowledgable and will help you advance when you run into roadblocks. If this job sounds appealing to you, please send us a copy of your resume to the following email: with a subject of Software Developer Position.

Controls Technician

We are looking for Electrical Controls Techicians to help install and retrofit our products around the world.

Our customers are all over the globe and we install controls, design solutions, and retrofit lines. Become part of a team of technicans who work hands on with large metal forming machinery. You'll help design and implement projects, and you'll be involved from the beginning to end. Help wire up our panels and create controls that will control simple to complex machinery. We have all sorts of different motion control platforms - SII, Phoenix, PLCs w/ HMIs, 3rd Party Controls, PCs, etc.. that you'll get involved with and master.

Our electrical technicans work on the following:
  • Travel and install controls
  • Manage Projects
  • Create/Markup Drawings
  • Wire Panels
  • Assist in PLC Programming
  • Customer Service
  • Retrofits

With this job you will learn how to advance your skill set and get practical experience right away. You'll work with our other technicans and engineers to come up with solutions and apply them to real world problems. If this job sounds appealing to you, please send us a copy of your resume to the following email: with a subject of Electrical Technician Position.