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We pair businesses with a variety of robotic products that increase efficiency and safety while cutting labor costs.

View our guide to robot installation to get an idea of what products will save your company time and money.

Rollforming Control Systems

Our rollforming control systems are designed to help you achieve the highest quality products with maximum efficiency. We offer custom solutions for a wide range of rollforming machines to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Folding Control Systems

The Intelli-Fold Controller is the solution to your Long Folder and Electric Folder Controls Problems. It comes in pendant, freestanding, or pedestal models. We also offer standard retrofit kits and installation service for most popular brands of long hydraulic and electric folders including Jorns, Roper, RAS, Schechtl, and many more. The Intelli-Fold Controller uses solid state memory, so there are no hard-drives to fail.

Software Products

We have multiple solutions for your industrial networking needs. Network your office with the outside shop floor and create a seamless way to send down product to your machines and keep track of your production.

Turn-Key and Panel Assembly

Beck Automation provides a wide range of turn-key options for your control needs. No job is too big or too small. Whether the job requires only a controller and some rewiring, or it requires a new operator station and equipment cabinets. Beck Automation's engineers and technicians can offer a full service package with engineering, installation, and electrical drawings. Contact us today.


We offer a wide range of Ancillary Products. Whether you need your press valves to be more repetitive,or are needing a printer for bundle labels or part printing. Beck Automation can provide the products and expertise to assist with your needs.

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