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  • Large Graphical color touch-screen display

  • +/- keys for QuickCorrect length adjustment

  • Compact Flash for backup and code updates

  • Password protected setups

  • Setup Wizards for easy installation and trouble-shooting

  • Feet-Fractional, Decimal Inch, and Metric

  • Compact Flash for backup and code updates

  • Dual Axix closed loop control

  • Y-Axis control for presses and rollformer setup

  • Closed Loop and Open Loop Control

  • Multiple Press and Gag control

  • Rollfeed control

  • Grip Feed control

  • Download capable from Connex, SmartComm, and BANet

  • Setup wizards make installation and trouble-shooting a snap

  • 10.4" color display with touch-screen

  • Multi-Axis control

  • Y-Axis control for press and rollformer adjustment

  • Thermally protected outputs

  • High Electrical Noise immunity

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